As the brewery is located on a private farm, I cannot open it to the public for a number of reasons.

These are:

  • The 500m one way access road that is shared with two of our neighbours. This makes it difficult as it is very narrow and steep and not designed for people who don't know the road. Particular to note that vehicles coming down have right of way, so if you're on your way up, you need to reverse the whole way down again!
  • The respected privacy of ourselves and our neighbours' families. Our neighbours have asked that we do not have strangers coming to our place past theirs and we respect that. We have great neighbours and they always support us in what we do. So we have no intention of damaging that relationship.
  • Finally, it is stipulated as part of our Gold Coast City Council Development Approval, that we are not to be open to the public and have no more than 6 site visits per week. I would fathom that they have arrived at this decision based on the two above issues regarding access and privacy too!

So with all that in mind, I ask that you respect that the brewery is not open to the general public.

We appreciate your support and if you want to have a chat, come see us at any events or festivals we do and have a chat. See our Facebook Page and Instagram feeds for updates.


Peter Wheldon
Co-Founder and Land Owner